Yelpix Weekly Digest 31.07

Hello guys! Don’t want to bother your Friday mood but we considered this day as a Weekly Digest day and this is your choice when to read the articles we highly recommend. Here we go!

20 UNMISSABLE WEBSITES, JULY 2020 by webdesignerdepot

After six months of uncertainty 2020 is finally beginning to find a style of its own. There are nods to Brutalism, a delightful blending of 80s pastels with 90s primaries, and the font style of choice is anything but geometric sans-serif.

In this month’s collection of the freshest sites from the past four weeks you’ll find tons of new portfolios, from big agencies to freelancers, and some amazing primal scream therapy. Enjoy!

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The Renaissance Of No-Code For Web Designers by Smashingmagazine

Just like during the Renaissance, we’re living in times of incredible cultural and artistic innovation. As the Internet evolves, browsers align, capabilities are added and accessibility of technology becomes easier, designers face new opportunities to create, think, and change their status with no-code tools.

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22 Amazing Award-Winning Website Designs by 1stwebsigner

You can browse templates all day long, but sometimes you just need to see a website in action to get inspired. That’s why we’ve put together this stellar collection of award-winning website designs. Each of these bring something unique to the table that’s worth evaluating and potentially worth emulating on your own site.

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What Do Web Design Clients Need From Designers? by 1stwebdesigner

Building a great website requires a team effort between web designers and their clients. That holds true whether you’re a solo freelancer or part of a larger agency. Web design clients who buy-in and provide us with guidance are crucial ingredients for success.

So often, those of us in the industry talk about what we need from our clients – and that makes sense. But, in order to really serve them, we must fulfill their needs as well. However, it seems like that subject tends to fall under the radar.

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How to use Video in your Marketing Strategy by Noupe

Video marketing is the practice of using video content that will help you to reach your audience faster. Video marketing allows you to promote your brand, your services, and your products – but you must know that video marketing is about more than sales.

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