Yelpix Weekly Digest 28.08

Information for those who like and read our weekly digest, as summer ends, we also have to change something and it is about our digest too, this is the last digest in this type and we’ll back different soon. Enjoy the last warm weekend and here we go!

Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins of 2020 by Noupe magazine

If you wish to know about your website users in detail, cookies are the easiest way to collect users’ information.

But the privacy laws all over the world today ask every website to take consent of a user before sending any cookie. They also require you to have a well-defined cookie policy. This means you must make it clear to your visitors that you use cookies through a cookie consent notification bar. But, how to create that? This is where a WordPress cookie consent plugin comes into the picture. It helps you to make your site compliant with various cookie laws. Here, we have brought a list of the 10 most popular WordPress cookie consent plugins of the year. You can easily create a WordPress Cookie notice with these plugins.

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Most of the information we consume happens through reading, so it makes a lot of sense to pay attention to the words when designing. There are many aspects to typography, but one of the things that helped improve the quality of my design was letter-spacing.

Letter-spacing is about adding and removing space between letters. Some people confuse it with kerning, but these two are different; letter-spacing affects the whole line of text, whereas kerning adjusts the space between two individual letters at the time. Kerning is best left to type designers, besides which, unlike letter-spacing, there is currently no way to control kerning in CSS.

I believe that practice and a lot of observation will change the way you treat letter-spacing in your work as well.

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How To Create Customer-Centric Landing Pages by smashingmagazine

Customer needs should be one of the primary considerations when designing a website or landing page. In this article, Travis Jamison explains why customer-centricity is so important and how you can apply it to almost every business decision that you make.

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School Website Best Practices: Designing for Success by noupe magazine

As students head into the fall semester, every school needs to have a solid tech strategy in place, and this all starts with a well-designed website.

Having a well-designed education website is an ideal way to establish your digital presence, regardless if you work at a school with an existing web presence or are building your brand from the ground up. Whether you’re aiming to impart knowledge or simply inform students about upcoming events, your website should provide your community with any information they’re seeking.

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9 Things Not to Do While Designing a Landing Page by line 25

Successful digital marketing is when all the aspects of your website and your online presence are correctly aligned. Your PPC ads, if you choose to use them, are effective, and your SEO is on point. But, if you don’t have a well-crafted landing page, then you are in for failure. And eventually, your business can suffer. You are required to have a flawless landing page in all the possible perspectives and aspects. A useful landing page is enough to keep your users and visitors engaged and convert them. Here, we have made a list of things that you should not do while designing a landing page. Let us take a look at each of them.


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