Yelpix Weekly Digest 21.08

Hello friends, being a part of a web community is being a part of the progressive world, that is why we’re helping you keep on the trends and be ready for new challenges. Here we go!


In this article, you will find the most appreciated web solutions of 2020.

To create this list we took into account the following considerations: The popularity of the product or the service; How many users it has; How many times it was downloaded or installed; The level of efficiency; What you get for your money.

You’ll find WordPress themes and plugins, an affordable logo design contest, logo creators, website builders, web development services, and even more. Let’s get started…

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How To Help Your Clients Get More Backlinks Through Design by Smashing magazine

A website earns a backlink whenever another website links to it. But there’s a big difference between a backlink and a high-authority backlink. If an authoritative website links to yours, it can significantly boost your ranking in Google search. And this is why backlinks are so highly sought after in marketing… and why web designers should have this on their radar as they design websites for clients.

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150+ Amazing Examples of CSS Animation & Effects by 1stwebdesigner

e have compiled a huge collection of amazing CSS effects for you to check out. Have a look and use these examples to help you learn the nitty-gritty details so you can create more beautiful and engaging web sites. Enjoy!

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School Website Best Practices: Designing for Success by noupe magazine

As students head into the fall semester, every school needs to have a solid tech strategy in place, and this all starts with a well-designed website.

Having a well-designed education website is an ideal way to establish your digital presence, regardless if you work at a school with an existing web presence or are building your brand from the ground up. Whether you’re aiming to impart knowledge or simply inform students about upcoming events, your website should provide your community with any information they’re seeking.

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Tips for designing websites for salons and spas by line 25

At the present age, having a detailed website is very valuable for the advancement of the business. Out of various fields in the market, beauty salons are observed to have a high traffic of competitors without exceptions for spas as well.

A website is considered one of the best places to promote a business as it is reachable to more number of people. A salon website is a place to sell your salon to the world.

Hence, building an attractive website to promote beauty salon and spa is a must to increase your chance of obtaining more bookings and clients.

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