Yelpix Weekly Digest 07.08

Hey there! Enjoy the last summer month and be ready for a new business season with our traditional weekly digest. Here we go!

3 ESSENTIAL DESIGN TRENDS, AUGUST 2020 by webdesigner depot

Do the lazy days have you longing for a new design technique to try? You are in luck.

This month’s collection of essential design trends is packed with functional ideas to spruce up design projects. And all of them are fairly easy to accomplish and will give your project a modern – or intentionally old-school – look.

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6 Web Design Concepts Proven To Increase Conversions by webdesign ledger

Every business owner wants more conversions. More conversions equal more sales, and more sales mean exponential business growth. But netting those conversions can prove challenging, especially if your website is not in the best shape. This is where web design plays a major role.

The web design concepts you utilize directly impacts growth and how many of those coveted conversions your business racks up. Let’s say your SEO is on point, but conversions are lacking. Yes, optimization is a must-do for your website. Unfortunately, if you’re not converting site visitors, all is for not.

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16 Impressive SVG Animations by 1stwebsigner

Are you familiar with SVG animations? If not, you should really take some time to do so. In case you didn’t know, these awesome animations can be used on any website to add character, interest, and interactivity. They can be used for load screens, menus, and other interactive elements for increasing personality and engagement.

To save you the hassle of searching, we’ve compiled a handy list of SVG animations here that reflect the broad sense of what these animations are and how you might be able to use them on your website.

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Check the Quality of Content and Copyright Issues for Website Owners by Noupe magazine

If you are a website owner and publish content frequently, you would always be looking for online utilities that can help you out in measuring the quality and originality of content.

To ensure that you publish high-quality content with no grammatical errors, you may go for any of the grammar checkers, but if you are concerned about the originality and don’t want yourself to land with copyright issues, then you need to go for plagiarism checker.

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How to Use Pinterest to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic by vandelay design

If you’re a blogger, chances are you would like more traffic. It doesn’t matter how much traffic you have, bloggers always want more.

When it comes to blogging and traffic generation, search engine optimization (SEO) gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. But social media can be another effective way to grow traffic. In fact, social media is especially effective for new bloggers because you can start driving traffic right away, rather than waiting 6 months to a year for Google to start sending any kind of significant search traffic.

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