Yelpix Weekly Digest 22.05

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The History & Future of Password Cybersecurity by Noupe MAgazine

Even though 91% of people know that reusing the same password increases their risk of a data attack, 66% do it anyway. Working from home, we not only hold personal data on our computers but also our business’. Because of this, it’s crucial you take time to create one-of-a-kind login credentials – especially with cyberhacking on the rise.

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5 Things a Modern CMS Shouldn’t Do by speakyboy magazine

All content management systems (CMS) have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are meant for very niche offerings such as eCommerce or membership sites, while others are a jack-of-all-trades. In addition, these systems range from open source to proprietary.

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20 Minimal HTML Templates for Business Websites by 1stwebdesigner

When creating a business website, it’s vital to have a design and layout that serves your content well. But this can feel like a monumental task if you don’t have design skills yourself. That’s why minimal HTML templates are so useful, of course. They save you time, and for just a small upfront investment, you can get a fantastic-looking site that suits your company for years to come.

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The web has made it all too easy for consumers to look up anything and everything they’re interested in or have questions about. And it’s with this easy access to data that consumers have grown pickier about who they do business with. Because if they can get answers to all the other questions in their lives, why can’t they find out everything there is to know about a company they intend to buy from?

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Digital Marketing in 2020 – Possibilities and Opportunities by noupe magazine

It looks like 2020 is going to be a watershed year in many ways. The pandemic, COVID-19, has disrupted life as we know it, and the road back to normal is going to be a long one.

For companies reaching out to consumers, there are challenges as well as opportunities. Technology has evolved to make it possible to find several new ways to attract eyeballs and build loyalty.

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