Yelpix Weekly Digest 10.07

Sup! Tired of finding new words about how important to meet our digest, just do it and enjoy, here we go!

8 DESIGN SECRETS OF B2B VS B2C WEBSITES by webdesignerdepot

Web design clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds. One day, you’ll be designing a portfolio website for a voiceover artist, the next you’ll be creating a comprehensive eCommerce site for a leading retailer. In an ideal world, you’ll get to a point where you eventually specialize in a niche. However, you’ll need to master both avenues first.

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Attention is the new gold; brands are in constant competition for our attention.

A big portion of our time we spend online, where we are bombarded with insane amounts of information and advertisements. It’s hard not to become overwhelmed in this world of consumerism. We have had to become good at quickly evaluating which information is important, especially on the internet.

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Hi guys, this is John here. I’m an internet marketing consultant with WebFX. And in this video, we’ll be going over the top five conversion rate optimization mistakes that I see on a regular basis. My hope is that a few of these will be valuable for your campaigns.

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A Client’s Role in Website Accessibility by speckyboy

Among the top priorities for web designers is in making sure that the websites we build are accessible. Everyone should be able to navigate and consume content – with or without assistive technologies.

But as much time as we spend in discussing the topic and sharpening our skills, we can’t do this alone. It also requires our clients to buy in as well. They’ll need to understand the benefits of accessibility and why it’s important. Not to mention what they could lose by ignoring the issue.

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Bridging The Gap Between Writers And Content Uploaders by noupe

A good writer doesn’t automatically mean a fully-fleshed content machine.

Some may be crazy good reviewers… but not that much of a copywriter to write your article’s description.

Some may be amazing with breaking up data into digestible long-form pieces… but won’t know enough about your CMS to properly upload their latest piece.

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