Yelpix Weekly Digest 08.05

Hey! Unfortunately remote Fridays are continued but it isn’t a reason to stop our weekly digest. Here we go!

Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design by 1stwebdesigner

Modern websites need to look and function well on every screen. That’s not exactly a newsflash, as web designers have been told this for years. But there is more than one way to go about accomplishing it, such as adaptive design and responsive design, which we will discuss in this article.

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For our senior citizens, these past several weeks have been particularly discomforting. According to the CDC, men and women over the age of 65 are significantly more likely to develop complications from COVID-19. As we seek to restrict the spread of coronavirus, it’s critical that we protect one another, especially our elders, and adhere to current directives to practice and enforce social distancing.

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10 Top Ecommerce Themes For WordPress In 2020 by 1stwebdesigner

In this collection of top e-commerce themes for WordPress we have selected 10 of the best we could find. Each theme in this list is part of the massive collection of assets on Envato Elements, so instead of having to buy each theme separately at a price of anywhere from $20-$100 a piece. you can get these themes and thousands more for a low subscription price starting at only $16.50 per month!

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Reducing Design Risk by smashing magazine

The pressure to rush market and usability research carries risk. We’ll offer four practical techniques to mitigate this risk and create designs that better serve customers and the company: context over convenience, compromise, better design decisions, design reduction.

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5 Psychological Tricks to Use in Email Newsletter

Email marketing plays a big part in developing the brand. Whether you run an ordinary blog or hold the reins of a multinational store, it is one of those things that stands behind the success of the venture. Believe it or not, even though social media overpopulate the life of the people in 2020, such an old-school thing as email is still on the lead, especially when it comes to touting goods, driving traffic and generating engagement. As they say, old habits die hard.

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