Cirque Athletics


Usually, we don’t pay attention to what is hidden behind the circus arena. But those magnificent tricks are the result of hard training and many years of keeping fit. That is why our clients decided to help people being healthy and share their experience combining acrobatic elements with effective fitness exercises.


Cirque Athletics wants to become an international fitness franchise so the first step is to proclaim themselves on the internet, that is why they needed an effective corporate page to collect leads and start growing online.

The solution was to create a custom-designed website from scratch using modern friendly WordPress solutions. After creating a design, we started integrating it with WordPress and our favorite plugin Advanced Custom Fields which allows website management to redo theme elements easy and quick without changing code or having new bugs as a result of manipulations.

Circus Athletics is a sample of our approach to fitness franchises from the perspective of solutions number growing, the website is ready to be —Ėsupplemented with new pages to show clients new services such as online training or partners portal, but now it is only the beginning.